Warkworth Golf Club Membership Fees 2017
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Gents                                                    340
Ladies                                                   340
Qualifying Senior Gents                        295
Qualifying Senior Ladies                       295

(to qualify for Senior Membership you must be 65 years of age and have 25 years continuous membership)

Members 28  to  30yrs                          325
Members 25  to  27yrs                          250
Members 22  to  24yrs                          185
Warkworth Golf Club Social Membership 1
Payment of Membership Fees 2017
Payment options
  1. By cheque made payable to Warkworth Golf Club for the complete amount sent to The Treasurer at the address given below.
  2. By BACs transfer to Barclays Bank, Amble, sort code 20-58-17, account no. 90013218. If paying by BACs you must enter your name in the reference box.
  3. In three instalments of 120 on 1st January, and 110 on each of 1st February and 1st March by sending three appropriately dated cheques to The Treasurer or 10 instalments by setting up a standing order using the form obtainable from the Treasurer. Any additional rental fees should be added to the January payment.
  4. By Standing Order.
If you require a Standing Order Mandate form please email and we will send one to you.

Subscriptions are due on 1st January. A family can combine payment onto one cheque. Regardless of the payment option used, a completed form for each member should be sent to:
The Treasurer, Warkworth Golf Club, 91, Gloster Park, Amble, NE65 0JA

There will be no refund of any fees paid in previous instalments.


Members 18  to  21yrs                          105

 Members under 18yrs                             10 

 The fee payable also provides members with world-wide 3rd party insurance covering any golf related claim up to 5million

Junior Patron Subscription

 This note is to encourage Adult members to patronise the Northumbria Junior Golf Association.  The current annual cost is 2 and life membership is 25.

The NJGA exists to promote and foster Junior golf in Northumberland.  It does this by providing Junior coaching and running matchplay and strokeplay competitions at various venues in the County as well as representative matches against other counties to help the Junior golf stars of the future.

The NJGA also runs several events in the County that are open for participation by fully paid up Patrons.  The highest placed Patron in the Men's and Ladies Warkworth NJGA competitions are invited to play as Warkworth's representatives in the NJGA President's Cup held at one of Northumberland's prestigious courses.

Before the start of the season, all fully paid up Patrons will receive a copy of the NJGA handbook which includes entry forms for all Junior and Junior Patron events.

Tim Capron is Warkworth Golf Club's Junior Liaison Officer.  Please add your 2 to your club subscription payment to support Junior Golf in Northumberland.



Warkworth Golf Club Green Fees

Please note we operate an 'Honesty Box' system. 

Simply go to the office next to the first tee, sign the book, place your fee into the envelope provided, 

put your name on the envelope and pop it into the Honesty Box!

10 for 18 holes

8 for 9 holes

Weekly ticket only 50

(unrestricted access except Tuesdays 10.30-1.30 and Saturdays)




   Summer Season 10.00 12.30

4.30pm 5.00pm

Winter Season

10.30am -12.15



    Saturdays 8.00am 6.00pm

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