Warkworth Golf Club Men's Fixtures 2016

Gents Competitions are held on Saturdays 8am to 6pm 

Competition Formats

(sp) = stroke play,  (st) = stableford, (b) = bogey


06 March (Sun)                    Texas Scramble Mixed Open Competition - 1st K Henderson, A Cunningham, P Elliott, M Armstrong  59-3.5=55.5,   2nd A Rutherford, D                                                                     Rutherford, G Bell, P Richardson  60-4.2=55.8,   3rd J Herron, S Herron, M Harper, M Harper  62-5.7=56.3

12 March (Sat)                      Winter Championship (sp) - 1st Gary Mather 87-19=68,  2nd Chris Mallarburn 84-13=71,  3rd Garry Henderson 77-4=73

                                                (J A Gray Claret Jug)

19 March (Sat)                      Whittle Trophy (sp)

26 March (Sat)                      Warkworth House Trophy (sp)


02 April (Sat)                         J Beal Memorial Trophy (sp)

09 April (Sat)                         William Robinson Trophy (st) - 1st Stephen Lee 42pts,   2nd Neville Holden 40pts,   3rd Ian Gray 39pts (back 9)

16 April (Sat)                         Greensome Pairs (st) - 1st G Bremner & ptn  37pts,   2nd R Thompson & ptn,   3rd J Cassidy & ptn

23 April (Sat)                         Coquet Trophy (sp) - 1st Dave Gray 83-8=75 (back 9),   2nd Ian Gray 83-8=75,  3rd Stephen Glass  81-5=76

                                                          Island Trophy (sp) - 1st Chris Mallaburn 76-11=65,   2nd Michael Lucas 85-13=72 (back 9),   3rd Roy Wilson 88-62=72

                                                (Open Day Seahouses – NNL)

30 April (Sat)                         Captain’s Texas Scramble (sp)


04 May (Wed)                       MP v Wooler (A)

07 May (Sat)                          (Open Day Dunstanburgh - NNL)

11 May (Wed)                       MP v Dunstanburgh (H)

14 May (Sat)                          RNLI Trophy (st) - 1st Michael Lucas  36pts (back 9)   2nd Dave Coates  36pts   3rd Nev Holden  35pts (back 9)

                                                (Open Day Magdalene Fields – NNL)

18 May (Wed)                       MP Glendale Cup Round 1

21 May (Sat)                          Slater Cup (sp) 1st  Neville Holden  70-3=67   2nd Freddie Bremner  93-25=68 (back 9)   3rd  Colin Mitchell  81-13=68

25 May (Wed)                       MP v Alnmouth Village (A)

28 May (Sat)                          H Roberts Trophy (st) 1st D Coates & S Williams 46pts   2nd J Dawson & K Brown 45pts   3rd  D Fish & A Stewart  42 pts

                                                (Open Day Alnmouth Village – NNL)


01 June (Wed)                      MP v Magdalene Fields B (H)

04 June (Sat)                        Bates Cup (sp) 1st  Dave Fish  87-18=69  (back 9)   2nd  Michael Lucas  82-13=69   3rd  Graham Sawley  84-13=71 (back 9)

08 June (Wed)                      MP v Linden Hall (H)

11 June (Sat)                        Summer Medal (st) 1st Paul Gray  39pts, 2nd Gary Scott  38pts (back 9), 3rd Bob Thompson  38pts (back 9), 2s club: Chris Mallaburn & John Barnes

                                              (Open Day Rothbury – NNL)

12 June (Sun)                      Robinson Cup

15 June (Wed)                      MP Glendale Cup Round 2

16 June (Thurs)                   Bells Foursomes (sp) 1st Ian & Paul Gray  68.5, 2nd John & Stephen Glass  70.5, 3rd Roy Wilson & Freddie Bremner  71

18 June (Sat)                        Centenary Cup (sp) 1st Graham Sawley  81-13=82, 2nd Phil Douglas  89-20=69, 3rd  Paul Douglass  82-12=70

19 June (Sun)                      Mixed Open 1st David & Linda Smith  (Nelson GC, Lancashire) 41pts, 2nd Jim & Sharon Herron (Longhirst GC) 40pts, 3rd Kevin Ayre & Alison                                                                            Thompson (The Hobson) 39pts (back 9)

                                                        Longest drive (ladies)  - Els Paxton  (Bedlingtonshire GC)
                                                        Longest drive (men)  - Alan McBride (Bedlingtonshire GC)
                                                        Nearest the pin on the 6th - our own Alan Stewart

2 June (Wed)                      MP v Linden Hall (A)

25 June (Sat)                        Killie Cup (b) 1st Phil Douglas  +3, 2nd  Kevin Jamieson  +1 )back 9), 3rd  Colin Mitchell +1 (from three others)

                                               (Open Day Burgham – NNL)

29 June (Wed)                      MP v Magdalene Fields B (A)


02 July (Sat)                          Captain’s Day (sp) 1st Billy Douglass  90-24=66 (back 9), 2nd Paul Gray  75-9=66, 3rd Colin Mitchell  79-12=67

                                                          Past Captain's Cup: Garry Henderson 73-4=69
                                                          Nearest the pin at the 6th:  Ian Gray (211cm)
                                                          Nearest the pin in two at the 18th: Alan Stewart  (3.55m)
                                                          Longest drive on the 13th: Alan Stewart
                                                          Putting contest: Garry Henderson )17 shots)

06 July (Wed)                       MP v Alnmouth Village (H)

09 July (Sat)                          (Open Day Warkworth – NNL)

13 July (Wed)                       MP Glendale Cup Round 3

16 July (Sat)                          Dock Trophy (st) 1st Neville Holden  37pts (back 9), 2nd Ross Young  37pts, 3rd  Ken Nesbit  36pts (Back 9), Garry Henderson scooped the 2s pool.

                                                (Open Day Percy Wood – NNL)

20 July (Wed)                       MP v Dunstanburgh B (A)

23 July (Sat)                          M Gaskin Memorial Trophy (sp)

27 July (Wed)                       MP v Wooler (H)

30 July (Sat)                          Joe Shotton Memorial Trophy (st) 1st  Matt Edwards  43pts, 2nd  Alan Hill  39pts (back 9), 3rd Gary Scott  38pts

                                                (Open Day Goswick – NNL)


06 Aug (Sat)                           Summer Medal 1st Tim Hardy  38pts (back 9), 2nd Colin Mitchell 38pts, 3rd Paul Forester 37pts

                                                (Open Day Alnwick – NNL)

07 Aug (Sun)                          B Ross Memorial Trophy

13 Aug (Sat)                           Club Championship – 36 holes (sp) 1st  Garry Henderson 79+74=153, 2nd Stephen Glass 78+76=154, 3rd  Dave Gray  85+79=164

                                                           Net Salver 1st  Paul Douglass 72+71=143, 2nd  Stephen Glass 73+71=144, 3rd  Garry Henderson 75+70=145

20 Aug (Sat)                           Deuchar Cup (sp)

27 Aug (Sat)                          Castle Cup (st) 1st Gary Mather  42pts, 2nd Tim Capron 41pts, 3rd Simon Williams 40pts (back 9)


03 Sept (Sat)                         Invitation Day (st) 1st Billy Douglas & Rod Henderson  46pts, 2nd Dave Coates & Mark Parker 43pts (back 6), 3rd Geoff Taylor & Geoff Dunn 43pts (back 9)
                                                                                 Longest drive on the 13th: John McIntyre jnr, Nearest pin at 6th: George Gibson 2.45m, Nearest pin at 10th: not won, Nearest pin in two at 18th: P Henderson                                                                                                    178cm

10 Sept (Sat)                         Sun Cup (sp)

15 Sept (Thurs)                     Individual Open Competition

17 Sept (Sat)                         J R Forster Cup (st)

18 Sept (Sun)                        Pat Johnson Memorial Trophy (mixed)

24 Sept (Sat)                         Vacant Day


08 Oct (Sat)                           7 Week Turkey Trot Competition
Round 1 - 1st Les Graves  77-11=66 (back 9), 2nd Paul Gray  75-9=66, 3rd Ross Young  68-1=67 (back 9), 2s club: Dave Fish & Bob Thompson
                                                                  Round 2 - 
1st Garry Henderson 42pts, 2nd Dave Metcalf 40pts, 3rd Michael Lucas 38pts
                                                                  Round 3 - 
1st Garry Henderson  +2, 2nd Alan Stewart  +1 (back 9), 3rd Ken Nesbit +1                    
                                                                  Round 4 -  1st Tim Capron  78-12=66, 2nd  Jim Allison  79-11=68 (back 9), 3rd  Ross Young  69-1=68 (back 9)
                                                                  Round 5 - 1st  Keith Tabiner  32pts (back 9), 2nd  Paul Gray  32pts, 3rd  Garry Henderson 31pts
                                                                  Round 6 - 1st  Martin Armstrong  +7, 2nd Ross Young  +6, 3rd  Barry Sanderson  +3



20 Nov (Sun)                          Texas Scramble Mixed Open


25 Nov (Fri)                           Trophy Presentation Night @ 7.30pm 

29 Nov (Tues)                       Annual General Meeting in the Clubhouse @ 7.30pm


10 Dec (Sat)                          Christmas Social Evening & Turkey Trot Presentation in the Clubhouse @ 7.30pm


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